These one-part adhesives reach handling strength at room temperature in a matter of seconds.  With a wide variety of viscosities and cure speeds available, a single drop per square inch will produce a tenacious bond on most plastics, rubber, metal and glass. Also known as instant or super glues, they are very economical to use because generally only drop of adhesive is needed.

In addition to standard formulations, we offer the following specialty formulas: medical grade, rubber toughened for flexibility, H-Series for acidic surfaces, and low odor.

We also offer Cyanoacrylate accelerators, primers, and removers.


We proudly supply Cyberbond Adhesives


Anaerobic Adhesives

Anaerobic's are used for threadlocking, retaining and sealing. Threadlockers prevent threaded assemblies from self-loosening due to shock or vibration. They are available in low, medium and high strength compounds, and viscosities from wicking grade to gel.

Retaining compounds reliably retain bearings, shafts, studs and flanges. These high strength compounds are designed to be permanent where dismantling is not required.

Gasket sealing anaerobics can eliminate the need for die cut or compression gaskets to fill voids between metal flanges. They are available in different strengths to give designers complete customization.

Pipe sealing compounds are excellent for fine threads or pipe fittings. They provide a complete seal between threads, offering many advantages to other sealing methods like PTFE tape.



Two-part, room temperature curing epoxy adhesives have both structural and potting capabilities.  Epoxies provide outstanding levels of reliability and durability.  Since these products have 100% solids, you will find the high strength bond is often stronger than the parts being bonded!


UV-Curing Adhesives

Ultraviolet curing adhesives are one-part products that cure rapidly when exposed to UV/visible light.  These products are typically used in assembly & potting applications.  With their good impact, vibration and shock resistance UV adhesives can speed up any assembly or manufacturing process to give you maximum output.


Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt adhesives offer a quick, clean and economical way to bond a wide variety of materials from wood, metal and glass to hard-to-bond plastics and vinyls.  There are formulations with the right viscosity, temperature and impact resistance.  As well as a wide range of open times to handle specific industrial and construction jobs efficiently..


RTV Silicones

RTV Silicone's offer the end user exceptional high and low temperature resistance plus superior weather-ability.  Both acetoxy and oxime (neutral-cure) silicone's will remain tough and resilient when bonding to glass, metal and plastics.  Additionally, some silicone's have USDA and NSF approvals.


Industrial Sealants

Industrial grade sealants & adhesives are one-part advanced formulations that deliver durability and flexibility under the most demanding conditions.  Our Sily-Modified and Urethane formulations have unique characteristics that make them particularly suited to bond to a broad range of similar and dissimilar materials.


Aerosol Products

Conveniently packaged aerosol containers provide on-demand, easy-to-handle adhesives or lubricants. With industrial quality adhesives and maintenance sprays, these products offer instant value for any plant or shop.