Braided Packing & Rings

Compression packing is one of the oldest and most common seal technologies. Some common applications for packing include: pump packing, valve packing, and packing for other rotating, reciprocating, and static equipment for the process industries and manufacturers. 

ITG supplies diverse combinations of yarns and coatings allow you to select the ideal packing for your unique application.

Many accessories are also available to support the installation, operation, and removal of compression packing.


We proudly supply SEPCO Products



Grafoil Ring

Die Formed Grafoil Rings

Die forming of Grafoil puts compressibility and resiliency into each ring. Our rings have 15% to 20% compressibility left when delivered which means it's only necessary to tighten the packing until a seal is effected. This leaves room for future adjustments, which adds considerable life to the ring.  


We proudly supply SEPCO Products