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Adhesive Dispensing Equipment
Hot Melt Glue Guns
ITG offers an expanded selection of glue guns available for all types of assembly.  These lightweight yet rugged guns start with the economical 40-watt craft & hobby gun.  For heavy-duty industrial use we also carry the larger 260-watt high performance, high output guns.
Automated Dispensing Equipment
These automated systems can consistently dispense precise amounts of cyanoacrylates & anaerobic threadlockers.  With the ability to dispense directly from a 250ml or 1 pound bottle, the maintenance on this equipment is clean and simple.  For larger applications, pressure tanks are available in sizes which allow you to dispense from 1 liter bottles or 4.4 pound containers.
Dispensing Tips & Bottles
With one of the largest selections of precision dispensing tips, ITG can supply you with flexible polypropylene tips, smooth-flow hi-density polyethylene tips & stainless steel tips.
If your dispensing needs require empty bottles, syringes or microdroppers, we have it all!
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